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Multifunction Table

When was the last time you were able to take your shop workbench with you to a job site? With a Festool Multifunction Table, you no longer have to make do with inferior work surfaces when you're away from your shop. Move from your workshop to the job site seamlessly with no loss of your valuable time. For all your critical cutting and assembly jobs, a Festool Multifunction Table (MFT) offers a sturdy, versatile platform with quick set-up, easy and secure clamping, and perfect compatibility with other Festool products.

Chose from different multifunction tables to suit your needs. The Festool Conturo Table Set is specially designed for the Festool Conturo edge bander, and includes a table insert, adapter plate, 15-piece guide plate set and cross members. The Festool Multifunction Table comes as a basic model (table only) or as a set which includes guide rail supports, angle unit, fence rail and clamp, adjustable stop and FS guide rail. This is all you need for sawing, routing, sanding and clamping. The Festool Multifunction Table Mini was designed for the Festool Kapex sliding compound miter saw. All tables feature folding legs for easy portability with a variety of clamping points, and all but the Mini have an adjustable leg for uneven surfaces. MFT connectors can be used to connect multiple tables together to increase your work surface. The tables are easy to set up and begin using with no additional parts required. They can be used either at full height with all legs folded out, or atop an existing surface with legs folded in. For repeatable, accurate cuts with a plunge saw or router and guide rail, or for accurate cross cuts when used with a saw, guide rail and fence, choose the best work table on the market.

Festool multifunction tables are part of the Festool System, an integrated solution for solving work challenges, optimizing efficiency and maximizing usability and comfort. is your authorized Festool dealer.

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